Dear Friends of Havurat Yisrael,

The Journal Campaign keeps rolling.

The response to our Journal Campaign so far has been superb and I am so excited about our upcoming Dinner on the 20th. More than a dozen people brought their ads early and are part of the Lechaim Society and another large group became members of the prestigious Diamond Club with ads over $1,000. As of today, we have raised a little over $60,000. We are still short of our goal, but the campaign is not over by any means. With your help we can still make the $100,000 goal, but we need everyone’s enthusiasm and cooperation. If you have placed an ad, consider adding another. Our honorees are all special people and we are proud of their friendship and support for our shul. The memorial pages for Rabbi Hochman and Rabbi Havazelet are also worthy of full participation.

Additional ads?  Maybe one person you forgot to thank, or a deceased relative whose memory you want to add to this Journal, or a simcha in your life that you want to share with our community. Any amount, however small, will bring us additional blessings and funds. Another and very important suggestion: have you contacted any relative who has the ability to give tzedakah? Tell them about our exciting shul and all the work we do in bringing more Jews to our Torah and tradition and you may be surprised how people are happy to give to cause such as Havurat.

We are still more than a week away. Let’s go and bring more ads and make this the best Journal Campaign. Havurat members are used to achieving what appears the impossible. Let’s meet our goal; and celebrate together on the 20th.

David Algaze


Friday, June 15

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