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Dear Friends,

Our synagogue is both small and great. Small in size but great in spirit and reach. Over the years, since our founding 43 years ago, Havurat has produced teachers, rabbis, and, most importantly, numerous Jewish families who keep the Torah and have children following in their steps.

None of this was predictable in 1981, but Hashem, for Whom nothing is impossible, enabled us to accomplish what we have done. You know the welcoming atmosphere of our shul, the support offered to every newcomer, and the warmth we all feel whenever we enter Havurat.

Once a year, at the Journal campaign, we all join to raise funds for our beloved shul. Now is the time for everyone to cooperate in ensuring Havurat has the means to continue its beautiful life and mission. In addition to getting ads from family and friends, we have a special dream this year: Get a new person to come to the Dinner! If every member gets just one more person to come, we will double our attendance and our funds.

Please search in your mind, whom you could persuade to join you at the Dinner. A neighbor or perhaps a relative?  It could be a wonderful opportunity to introduce someone to our community or even to a Jewish life.

Attached is an ad form, please copy it and send it to your list or WhatsApp group. But even better, think who among all your contacts, could be a guest at our Dinner. Remember, just one more person will make a huge difference.

We will make a special list of all who bring just one more guest. We hope you will be so honored.

Behatzlacha (wishing you success in the campaign)

David Algaze