July 4th Barbeque

Join us this Tuesday July 4

For a BBQ at 5PM

Cost:  Adults $25

Kids between 5 to 10 years old $7

RSVP by calling  Havurat Yisrael office at : 718-261-5500
or email hyoffice18@yahoo.com

before this Friday June 30

Friday, June 30

8:13pm: Candle Lighting

7:00pm: Mincha


New Hebrew Class - Sundays @ 11am

with Roni Mossiyov
Cost: $50 for 10 classes.
To reserve, call the office. The class is attracting many students!

The class had over
20 participants. Don't miss this opportunity

to learn the Holy tongue!

(lashon Hakoddesh)!!

Join in.

Introduction to jewish thought

with rabbi kraft

sundays @ 11am

Insights Into The Weekly Parsha

Rabbi Algaze’s Wed. evening class @ 8 pm.
Join for an exploration of the Biblical text, explaining Hebrew words and insights

from our sages.



Saturday, July 1

9:00am: Shacharit
11:00am: Drasha

6:30pm: Gemara Class

7:15pm: Perek

8:00pm: Mincha

912pm: Maariv